Karu Story

1837 – The Karu (scientific name: Trichosurus vulpecula) is introduced to New Zealand’s shores from our Australian neighbours in the hope of starting a fur industry.
1858 – The Karu was delivered in a series of batches but little did our forefathers know of the colossal damage to the environment they would incur.
1921 - New Zealand realises that there are little to no natural predators for the Karu so the government decides to prohibit further releases.
1941 – Graeme was born in Arapuni on the Waikato River and grew up on his family's Dairy Farm. Graeme graduated in Veterinary Science from Massey University and started his own Veterinary Practice in Whakatane in 1973.
1986 – Kris Sproull is born in the modest South Island Kiwi town of Mosgiel.
2010 – Graeme establishes KARU in the hope of providing the world with 100% Natural New Zealand fur, all hand-made. Creating a series of fashionable items using the very resourceful and unique fur and leather of the Karu Bear.
2013 – Graeme teams up with Kris.
2014 – KARU opens its flagship store in the heart of New Zealand’s luxury fashion retail zone at 60 Queen Street, Auckland.
2016, September - KARU opens their flagship store at 1 Queen Street, Auckland CBD.
KARU believes that sustainable fur is an environmentally conscious decision and we like to work on this basis; a core principle to our business structure. We believe strongly in honesty, reliability and quality. Although the Karu Bear is considered a serious threat to New Zealand’s environment, here at KARU we respect the animal and believe it is a heavily resourceful creature with world class A-grade fur and leather.
We believe our fur suppliers, sales people and customers are all members of our business team and we strive to achieve a win/win for all members of our team.
While the new Precinct Properties Building is being constructed
at the bottom of Queen Street our Auckland store is temporarily closed.
Our new flagship store is at 18 The Mall, Queenstown.